Saturday, March 10, 2012

"Do Not Read This Sign"

Julie and I decided to do a day trip to Uvas Canyon County Park today.

Those of the Lindsey household will know the meaning of the title of this entry.  Several years ago we went camping here.  Karen was pre-school age.  She was impressing us with her sign reading skills by quoting captions from signs posted along the trail.  One of them she quoted: "DO NOT READ THIS SIGN."   Oh, well!  It was probably as good an interpretation as the message on this one.  We had to park our "smoking bicycle" before we could get going.

One of our favorite parts of the trail to the Lower Falls is this section that is precipitously steep on either side.  It gives you the feeling of living dangerously.

Just as Julie got to this point she was attacked by a lurking monster that tried to jump on her and push her over the edge.  Luckily she fended him off and we continued on.

The one grand pool at the bottom of the Lower falls has been filled in over the years with storm debris, but it is still beautiful and peaceful.

We relaxed here for awhile and enjoyed the serenity of nature.

Tree roots and me

It was a really nice walk in the forest.  We know our grandchildren would have a blast here.  Maybe on their next visit we can arrange it.