Tuesday, May 21, 2013

San Jose Rose Garden (again)

We did a blog entry a couple of years ago about the San Jose Rose Garden.  The weather has been so perfect and the roses are in bloom so Julie and I packed a lunch and went a few days ago.

No sooner did we break out the food for lunch than a beautiful mallard duck got out of the pond by the fountain and began to beg.  We shoo'd him away but he came back a few times before getting the hint that we were not going to feed him..

There are so many varieties of roses we decided just to include a few of our favorites.  Besides, I forgot to bring a spare battery for the camera so after the battery went dead, the rest of them will just have to live in our memories until the next time.

Julie's favorite color of flowers is yellow.

Tiny white edges on this red rose.

Drops of water from the regular watering during the night time hours.

These miniature roses were more like ground cover.

Ya know where I wanna bee?

We just love this one with the subtle shades among the delicate petals.

So many varieties we couldn't possibly remember the names

 Bur we do remember this one is Catsup and Mustard

 Here is a shot toward the fountain in the middle of the garden

As an added BONUS for those who have the stereo viewer I sent to all the Conference Bingo participants, here are a couple of views that will knock your eyes out (so be careful).  If you haven't got a viewer, just ask and I will see if I can dig one up for you.

This one just jumps off the page in 3D

Catsup and Mustard stereo

I found this view from Google maps.  From this distance the picture doesn't do it justice.  But you get an idea of the size of this beautiful garden spot.