Friday, September 26, 2008

Christensen Sibling Reunion July 2008

Since the last update on our Hawaii Trip we's had lots of stuff happen.  In July we went to Idaho to Mike's cabin above McCall for the first-ever Christensen Sibling Reunion.  

Three days in the wilds of Idaho was fun with nothing to bother us.   Good food provided by Tawana (and Mike's BBQ'd tri-tip).  Good conversations about lifes challenges.  Hike to the local pioneer cemetery with Aunt Jill's stories about one of her friends who is buried there and her horse trip to Loon Lake (the site of a 1943 WWII bomber crash).  Swimming in the Burgdorf Hot Springs.  Games and movies.


Stefani said...

Dad (and Mom) fun to read all your entries. I think Emily is right - All you do IS Party!! Woo Hoo!!

Anonymous said...

I like all your pictures of everyone at the sibling reunion. I can't see their faces though. Can you email them so I can see them close up?