Friday, September 26, 2008

Theriaut's in California - June 2008

These blog entries are out of order but I'm sure you can handle it.  Janet and Steve and family came to visit in June.  Talk about party time...  Emily even stayed a week with us after the rest of the fmaily went home.  She had a different kind of adventure by herself on the airplane back to Texas.  But I think we spoiled her.  She probably thinks all we do is party around here.

We did the Billy Jones Wildcat Railroad trip at Oak Meadow Park

We played at the park but here is Afton and Emily resting

We ate back yard meals

Went to Castle Rock

The Children's Discovery Museum


And a couple of videos at the Santa Cruz Beach
One is Steve, Austin and Noah on the Log Ride.  The other is Emily, Austin and Steve in the surf


Derek said...

Wow, you guys did a lot of stuff. Looks like the weather was perfect. Our kids loved doing that stuff when we were out there earlier this year. Wish we could have been there to party with you.


Theriault Family said...

fun to read all your events this summer! can't wait to hear about canada!