Monday, September 29, 2008

Sumpter's in California - First weekend

Sumpter's were in the California area recently so they made a trip to San Jose.  While Steve was doing a "rotation" in Reno on Sports Medicine for two weeks, how could they not come another 4 hours to see us.  They actually came the weekend just before mom and I scheduled to go on our Canadian Rockies trip we had planned earlier this year (more on that later).  Miranda is growing so much (9 months old now) and a very happy baby.  Whenever someone makes a noise like a panting dog, she does a good imitation.  Watch the video to see a sample.  More to come in the next blog.


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Shannon B said...

HAHA...tooo funny. She looks so much like Karen as a baby (not that I remember, but from pictures). What a doll face!